Photo Gallery - Enterprises

Bee Hives 1
Bee Hives 3
Bee Hives 4
Chia-Sales of Kilombero Rice 3
Collecting wild mushrooms from Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve
Diversion of water to fish pond
Drying Fish
Fish Drying Racks 2
Hanging Bags for Mushroom Production
Honey Sales 2
Honey Sales 4
Katavi Trip 2007 016
Katavi Trip 2007 017
Mushroom Growth
Mushroom Houses
Mushroom Incubation Phase
Paprika from irrigation
Roof of Mushroom House
Selling smoked fish
Smoking fish
Dried bananas, mango & tomatoes
Dried Kilombero rice ready for milling
Fruit & Mushroom Dryer modeled after the Rocket barn
CA Pictures June 2009 160
CA Pictures June 2009 161
Chia-Fish Pond + bananas + livestock pen for manure
Fish Pond + bananas
Fish Pond
Sugar bean - Copy
Sun-drying paddy Kilombero rice