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Navigation: Projects » Management for Adaptation to Climate Change(MACC)I Friday, September 17, 2021 | Login
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Management for Adaptation of Rural Communities to Climate Change (MACC) PHASE I

Project Description

Integrated rural livelihoods program: NRM, Farm Diversification, Irrigation, Sustainable Ag Practices, Enterprise Development




Location & Districts

Malawi: Salima, Dowa, Ntchisi, Nkhotakota, Nkhata Bay


Contract Dates


Project Profile Minimize
 TitleSizeDate Added
MACC Project Profile743.91 KB9/1/2009
Maps Minimize
MACC Map in Malawi564.56 KB
Geographic Coverage of MACC285.09 KB
Reports Minimize
Organogram Minimize
MACC Organizational Chart97.37 KB
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